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Happy New Year!

Published on by Kyle Huff

Happy new year from all of us at Sleepy Trees! We want to thank all our customers for all the love and support through 2022 and feel honored to continue to serve you through 2023! We are excited to be bringing in lots of new brands to the store and hosting many events this year!

We, as a state, are well into the new A3 (adult use) laws. Medical licenses are now good for 3 years (instead of the previous 1 year) and are much cheaper than previously under the old A2 laws. We always encourage patients to keep their cards and for anybody that might be on the fence about getting their card for the first time; We welcome you to come down to the shop and lets talk about it. This is the only way we will keep a voice in the rapid changing MO cannabis scene. There are more protections for patients over consumer use and if you intend to cultivate it is much cheaper over the course of 3 years. We will however also be offering consumer cultivation certifications as soon as it is available from the state (first part of Feb).

We now offer on the spot, in house potency testing! We utilize a Purpl Scientific tester to offer our customers instant THC, CBD, Moisture content, & Water Activity for only $12 a test. We only need about a 1 gram sample to test and the test doesn't even destroy your sample! Walk-ins welcome, no need for an appointment. In addition to the value of knowing your THC & CBD this test will really aid in your dry / cure timeline; Knowing exactly when your dry is stable and ready to seal into cure is a big help to the seasoned cultivator and rookie alike!

Did you know we offer all types of Mycology supplies and are always expanding our inventory in this category. We currently offer all types of genetics for your microscope, along with pre-poured agar plates, scalpels, all in one bags, grain bags, sterile substrate, and all types of medias and amendments to keep you on the right path on your mycology journey.

We hope all our customers had a wonderful holiday season and hope the new year brings everybody peace and prosperity.