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Spring is Around the Corner!

Published on by Kyle Huff

Hello southwest MO canna community! You wouldn't know it from the recent weather, but spring is just around the corner, Yay! I don’t know about all of you but I am ready for warmer weather and longer days. This is the time to start thinking about stocking up on your spring supplies to avoid early spring rushes and shortages.

Do you need a bulk order of media, soils, nutes, or even lighting? Hit us up for the absolute best local pricing on bulk supplies, guaranteed. Maybe there is something specific you are looking for that we haven't stocked yet? We would be happy to check into that for you as well. Come by the shop or give us a call/email anytime for a quote.

Warmer weather approaching also means we’re gearing up to hit local events in our area! Check out the “events” tab on our page (it is up and working now) to keep up with were we will be and where the events are that you wont want to miss. Its always a party when the Dab Bar pops-up!

As we ever expand our inventory in-store and are working to expand a big portion to our online shopping experience, we still cannot physically stock everything that everybody needs all the time. Because of this we are always trying to figure out how to save the canna community and our customers money whenever we can. We currently have 2 new online AFFILIATE CODES our customers can take advantage of for an easy 10% off! - use code at checkout: sleepytrees - use code at checkout: sleepytrees

As always, a special thanks to all our customers! We could do what we do without all the love and support we get every day!!